In Person or By Phone
Very Accurate / On Tape

What does a reading cover?
Readings cover spiritual, relationship, work, life purpose, and financial matters. They also highlight bringing out your self-esteem and creativity. Questions are welcome.

How accurate are the predictions?
My predictions are very accurate. However, you are the creator of your future. I predict what you are creating. I encourage your positive creations and your Will to be empowered by challenges.

How will it help me to know the future?
The readings reveal the probabilities of your future. Having awareness of your future gives you the power, by the grace of God, to change what you don't want. You can't overcome what you overlook.

What kind of readings are available?
Astrology Reports (Natal and Compatibility) 

Also available for Psychic Parties
at your home or business.

1/2 Hour Reading $70
1 Hour Reading $111
1 1/2 Hour Reading/Healing Combo. $160
Full 2 Hour Reading/Healing Combo $200

We are living in times of tremendous forces, where the responsibility to be true to yourself and the highest intentions for your life is greater than ever. The Spiritual Maturity rate will skyrocket and forces of life will bring some to their heights and others to their depths. What will you choose in the wake of these awesome forces? 
I am honored to support you in your process.

Call for an appointment (928) 254-9535


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