Wisdom of Astrology

By Astarius Miraculii

Written selections:


Galloping Flame of ARIES THUNDER
Power won’t be put asunder
Energy Burst of warriors might
PEACE will sometimes win the fight

House of SOUL, built of the ROCK
Immovable TAURUS absorbs the shock
Finance and possessions to receive
Spiritual values must be achieved

Dancing Winds of Mind & Wit
The GEMINI way is Lightning Quick
Fleeting involvement with many things
Embrace the stability Wisdom brings
CANCER has the magic potion
Energy of Love-in-motion
Different ways for different days
A Cancer soul feels many roles
But let your heart go on Vacation
When haunted by the bad vibrations
Radiant Light of Joyous Kings
Lovely Ladies and beautiful things
Charming LEO, creative expression
Let Love not mold into possession

VIRGO seeks the right direction
Fiancé of pure Perfection
Laboratory of intellect
Analyze, reserve, protect
Criticizing tongue of correction
Master the way of self/inspection

LIBRANS are the grace and beauty
LOVING is their greatest duty
Spirit of UNITY, U-N-I-TIE
Sower of HARMONY, the great ally
Face up to the harshness of your life
For Joy can rise up out of strife

Piercing Gaze of SCORPIO’S EYE
Transform your sting, let the Eagle fly
Magnetic Desire, with secrets filled
Will of iron, never to yield
Sometimes it’s Wise to COMPROMISE
Does the Sun not set as well as Rise

Expanded Joy of Wisdom’s Travels
A PROPHET for whom all Truth unravels
Humorous, frank, enthusiastic
Mind of VASTNESS, Soul elastic
SAGITTARIUS envisions the brightest day
DREAMS are Reality’s RESUME

Mountain heights of CAPRICORN
Tower of Responsibility
Planning, order, perfect timing
Power of Practicality
Master Mind of business dealings
Time to enter deeper feelings

Goods of the future AQUARIANS bring
LOVE to all, as shines the Sun
Now learn the art of Loving One

Fishes of Compassion’s stream
Seer of wild and Wonderful dreams
Translation of pain to end of Good
PISCES desire to be Understood

Copyright 1980 & 2014 Astarius Miraculii
From the book "Feast of the Zodiac"

Astrology is a synthesized study of the interaction of energy between people and planets, which gives birth to the effects of circumstances and human characteristics. The Sun, the moon and the planets are actually officers of the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect or Sowing and Reaping. We the people sow or project the cause and the heavenly bodies see to it that we reap the effect according to Divine Timing. So our only destiny is the one we create even from before this life. Astrology is linked to the principle of reincarnation. Our circumstances and character traits are effects of causes and choices of prior lives.

Your thoughts, feelings, words and actions =(equal) cause, impressed upon the planets. The responding streams of energy released from the planets attempt to, or indeed manifest circumstances, which = (equal) Effect (pleasing or trying opportunities of Initiation), and the passing or the failing of the test (it’s culmination or continuation) = (equals) Affect, reflected in Attitude.

Attitudes are more important than circumstances. Attitude cannot always immediately change the effects (circumstances of your life) but can and does indeed determine what Affect the circumstantial-effects will have on you. Then bitter circumstances can be transformed into sweetness.

Cause is likened to the Prophet. Effect is in accord with the Prophecy Fulfilled. Affect is the Interpretation of the Fulfillment. Yet following the initial cause, the Solar System is the timer and measuring stick of the total process.

Copyright 1980 & 2014 Astarius Miraculii
From the book "Feast of the Zodiac"


Fire-of-ONE-ESSENCE (Fire of Oneness)

Thundering down the Path of Life
One who fears no pain or strife
Born Leader, Daring RAM
Enthusiastic WAY SHOW-ER

Aspiring, striving, enterprising
Assertive LOVER, Dramatizing
Brilliant, Bold & full of Zest
Work day and night and never rest
Busybody, won’t be still
Searching for the Greatest Thrill
Optimistic, want the Best
Of everything I must confess

In generosity I Bless
The world with newness I replenish
Then sometimes, the joke’s on me
My start gets stood up by my finish

What hope for the seed of My creation
Unless planted in Soil of Continuation
Persistence filled with Inspiration
Brings about great compensation

Once upon a time and space
My MISSION was forgotten
Lost touch with GLORY which I AM
And HE from Whom I AM Be-gotten
Impulsive, headstrong, driving passion
Hard to get some satisfaction
Choose to let go of these actions

CREATIVE FORCES Transform rudeness
Arrogance, jealousy, Now Disband
I will Win this time ASCENSION
This My Soul’s Divine Intention
LORD Within Me, Take a Stand

Come Diplomacy and Patience
Humbleness a worthy goal
Replace the counterfeit ego
With Richest SPIRIT, Golden SOUL

Planet MARS raging Action
Changing Energy on the run
Learn the power of relaxing
Be a Glorious Flaming SUN
Never more to jump the gun
Ready-set-Go New Day Begun
Mellow down, the War is WON
I Am Aries

Copyright 1980 & 2014 Astarius Miraculii
From the book "Feast of the Zodiac"



Wisdom of Astrology
By Astarius Miraculii

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Song of Ascension


Ascension Wisdom
and Mystical Poetry
By Astarius Miraculii

Hear sound bites from the Book/CD:

"Sacred Apology to Women"

"Oracle of my Goddess"

"In the arms of Ascension I now wake up"

"I Allow Receive and Live my Ascension"

Written selections:

In the beginningless beginning there was only you, the allness of being. In the domain of your infinite mind was the seed of all things that are, were or could ever come to be. There was no fear in you, for there was no separation. In this state you embrace only the wholeness of love. In the vastness of your being possibilities are endless. In harmony with the rhythm of your heart, you the lone totality, set out to be all there is to be.

The first dance was the dance of absoluteness, rocked in the arms of peace and eternal rest. Then came the dance of multiple selfhood and you multiplied your being into more expressions than the little mind could ever conceive. You experience yourself as cosmic beings, galaxies, planets, stars, angels, men, women, children, elementals, plants, animals, minerals adinfinitum. You are the microcosmic god, born out of your macrocosmic totality. Your being knows no limit, for you are the god within, horizon of this moment with eternity you blend. Every space is here, every time is now, everyone is you.

And now comes the test of tests. You localize yourself in one of these forms, close your eyes and lose hold on eternal remembrance. You sink your essence so deep into flesh as to know its own density first hand. It may take you half an eternity to get back home, yet you know you will return. Your insurance of return is your fully awake angelic essence that you left standing in the circle of eternity when you first entered the the earth dream.

Copyright 2009 Astarius Miraculii

"Attitudes Are More Important
Than Circumstances"

Hear Ye O Seeker
Play not a game of chance
To conquer lowly circumstance

Some circumstances seem so bad
Though GOODNESS in disguise
It’s up to us to “SEE” the GOOD
Or else be victimized

For if a circumstance seems down
And we reject it with a frown
That circumstance is then compelled
To pull us down in “mental hell”

But if we keep our MIND on HIGH
Despite the pain of circumstance
Up with our ATTITUDE the circumstance RISES
And beyond its pain we then ADVANCE

Bitter circumstance is as a MEDICINE
To bring the WELLNESS of a “learned-lesson”
But we must SWALLOW this MEDICINE down
To receive the HEALING and achieve the BLESSING

For if we spit this Medicine out
Life gives another dose without a doubt
Then we become victims of circumstance
A tyrant from which we can’t advance

Until we learn to FACE IT WITH A SMILE
Drink that bitter cup and go the extra mile
So that all things may be ENHANCED
Because your ATTITUDE is more IMPORTANT than circumstance

Copyright 2009 Astarius Miraculii


"Miraculii - Song of Ascension" Book & CD Set

Ascension Wisdom
and Mystical Poetry
By Astarius Miraculii


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